HOME Apps, first shown at NAB in April 2023, offer truly dynamic processing infrastructure. Live media production facilities have traditionally been built around racks and racks of dedicated hardware, each providing a specific function. These hardware devices typically do one thing, and when that thing is not needed, they sit unused. More recently vendors have been abstracting dedicated hardware processors into software, running on standard server hardware. But typically, these are 1:1 ports of the dedicated hardware running as software—monolithic apps that are not easily portable and not very dynamic.

HOME Apps are the first solution that is truly agile, allowing you to spin up processing only when you need it, where you need it—on premise or in the cloud. For the first time, you can have truly dynamic infrastructure.

HOME Apps are software processes that run on standard server hardware, on CPU or GPU depending on your needs and the needs of the software. The HOME platform hosts a library of containers, each performing different functions. When you tell HOME to create and run a multiviewer, for example, HOME assembles all the containers it needs, connects them, and runs them on an appropriate server. HOME manages the lifecycle of the app, and makes all of its controls and signals available for use immediately.

Complementing the technical agility, the beauty of HOME apps lies in their simplicity of operation. With just a few buttons presses, taking just a few seconds, you can create, run, and integrate a new app, such as a multiviewer, into your facility. It’s as simple as installing an app on your phone.

And of course, HOME was built with all of this in mind. The first version of HOME, launched a few years earlier, had all the necessary UI and workflow hooks in place so that when HOME apps launched, they dropped perfectly into place.

Go to lawo.com/products/home-solution-apps/ to learn more, or watch the launch or product videos below.