Based on the same hardware technology stack as diamond, launched in 2021, Crystal offers a simple and cost-effective control surface for radio, TV, or other general purpose audio applications.

Crystal is the first Lawo mixer surface offered in both light and dark options, to perfectly suit your environment. The light version fits perfectly in a light, bright, radio studio, and looks great on camera. The dark version is suited to an environment like a TV audio control room, where the focus is on the visual content, and you want your tools to get out of the way, removing distractions and bright surfaces.

Crystal has been designed to work in one of two modes. The first is Power Core Mode, where the Crystal surface controls a Lawo Power Core, and operates with workflows suited for radio applications. The second is Controller Mode, where the Crystal surface can be used as a small, simple, control surface for an mc² mixer or any product that supports OSC (Open Sound Control).

The simplest surface option is the Main Module. This is a standalone module that offers 6 faders, a monitor section, and other central controls.

The second surface module is the Fader Module. This is, again, a standalone module offering 8 fader strips.

The two modules can be used together, side by side, to create a larger 14 fader surface.

This can be further extended by adding a VX—a high resolution multi-touch display—above one or both modules.

All of these options are of course available in the dark finish, if that better suits your use case.

Go to to learn more, or watch the product video below.