Henry Bourne


I'm Henry, an English fellow with three wonderful girls in my life - my Texan wife and our two wonderful daughters. Browse the site to find out what I'm into and what I'm working on at the moment. Do get in touch—I'd love to hear from you.

I Was a Product Manager at Calrec for Eight Years

I conceived, specified, designed, and lead the development of digital audio products for the world's top broadcasters. 

I'm proud to have been part of the incredibly talented and passionate team at Calrec. Calrec design and manufacture innovative audio mixing consoles and robust audio networks for the worlds top broadcasters. As a Product Manager, I had the exciting and challenging role of creating the vision and leading the development of globally successful products.

Impulse Core

Summa Console

Brio Console

Apollo Console

Artemis Console

 Soccer Assist iOS App

Soccer Assist iOS App

Ice Hockey Assist iOS App

Fader Assist iOS App – Fader View

Fader Assist iOS App – Routing View

I was a Visiting Professional at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts for 12 years

I led a module on programming and audio processing for final year graduate students. The module comprises a basic introduction to C++, with the final assessment being the creation of a real-time audio unit plugin using JUCE. Most students have never written a single line of code prior to this module. The module runs for ten sessions, each three hours long. The high quality of output from this intensive period demonstrates my ability to effectively communicate, motivate, and teach.


I spend far too much money on lenses, and love the documentary style of capturing life. Of course, my favourite subject is our beautiful daughter, but I try to keep my camera with me whenever I can and capture life as it happens. You can see the latest from my public flickr stream below. Click through to my full photostream for more.