How to Create Todoist Items Using Siri, Reminders, and Workflow

I use Todoist to manage my life. It's a really great tool but lacks one really desirable feature – the ability to use Siri to add items. I hope Apple make this possible for developers soon. Until they do, I've found a way around the problem.

When launching apps and typing is too slow or inconvenient, I can quickly capture thoughts by asking Siri to create reminders. The problem is how to get those reminders into Todoist.

I tried using an IFTTT recipe which apparently automatically finds new reminders and creates Todoist items for each one, but I could never get it to work reliably. When it did work, it left the original reminders alone. If I had alarms on those reminders, I'd still get alerts from reminders that I didn't want. I'd slowly end up with a mass of out of date reminders that I'd have to remember to delete. It was not great.

Yesterday, the Workflow App for iOS was updated with a new "Create Todoist Item" action. Perfect. I bought the app right away and created the following workflow:

  1. Get all incomplete items from Reminders
  2. For each Reminder item:
    1. Create a Todoist item in the inbox
    2. Set the Todoist item's content to the Reminder item's label
    3. Set the Todoist item due date and reminder to the Reminder item's due date 
  3. Delete the original items from Reminders

I created a home screen icon to launch the workflow, and put it right next to the Todoist App icon.

Now, I can use Siri to capture ideas by creating reminders. When I'm ready to look at Todoist, I tap the workflow on the home screen. All my reminders including due dates and alarms, are moved into my Todoist inbox, and the original Reminders list is cleaned up. It's only a tap away from having real Siri-Todoist integration, and I can live with that for now.

Here's the link to the workflow.

[edited to include correct date formatting, as suggested in the comments. The latest Workflow update also allows you to select the format of reminders, so I'm using push notifications now instead of emails]

I'd love to know if anyone finds this useful.