The Art of Audio Mixing for Sports

This is a great piece about mixing audio for sports. It begins with an accurate description of the experience of sitting in front of the audio desk in a truck.

“Sit in front of your television,” said Phil Adler, a longtime broadcast mixer whose credits include five Olympics and a pair of Super Bowls. “Turn on your favorite show, then turn on a couple of radios and dial in two different talk radio stations; make sure to put them off to the left and right, or behind you, then bring both up in volume close to the TV show you’re watching. Oh, and turn on your laptop and start working on it at the same time! Now listen to what the director, standing on your right, has to say while the producer talking in your ear is making comments. Easy!”

It concludes with a flattering review of Calrec, from Dana Kirkpatrick:

I’m also a big fan of Calrec consoles. We use the extra headroom these boards have. I don’t even compress any more. With golf for example, there are certain things, like a driver hitting a ball, where you want every bit of level. I love everything about Calrec; the sound of their boards is excellent, they’ve got routing all figured out; the manufacturer is very easy to work with; and their software is constantly getting updated. The Artemis and Apollo are the two boards I work mostly with.

Our goal is to make life better for people who create audio. When we hear feedback like this, it motivates us all and reaffirms why we come to work. Thank you Dana – there is so much more good stuff to come.

Give the full article a read.