Link - Digital Music: Can You Hear Above 16-bit/44.1kHz?

I think it's great that this kind of discussion is reaching a more diverse audience. It's moving from conversations between audio nerds in relatively niche forums, to more general and popular sources. The author has done a great job in making this subject engaging and accessible to anyone.

I particularly like the way they explain the separation between an individual's listening preferences and the technical requirements necessary to satisfy the limitations of human hearing. I think these two areas are commonly confused, and the cause of a lot of unnecessary debate on the subject.

There's a lot of science behind what we're discussing here. Nyquist's theorem has been proven by others many times over (hence the reason that many others' names are often attached to it). If this article instills in you the need to reconfirm all of this on your own (and you'd be in the good company of this author and several recording-industry professionals if it does) the only way to do it is to utilize a tool that allows you to perform your own double-blind testing (ABXtester, available for free for both iOS and Mac, works great). Without double-blind testing you (and I!) are quite subject to confirmation bias. Our minds are not objective when we have too much information.

Don't just trust my post or the linked article. Do as the author suggests - perform your own ABX tests and become personally informed on the subject.

Henry BourneAudio, MusicComment