Why Do People Think Apple Pay is So innovative?

That's an interesting question.

Why do people think Apple Pay is so innovative—an equivalent feature has been part of Android for more than two years?

One detailed response to this quora question (which I encourage you to read), suggests that:

Google does a poor job of explaining what Google Wallet is, how it's used, or why it's better. Apple does a much better job with Apple Pay.

I agree completely. Apple does a fantastic job of explaining the story behind their products. They present problems. They help you understand why it's difficult to achieve something with the products currently on offer. They explain why inelegant solutions are making you work harder.

Then they slap you in the face with an incredibly simple solution. It's usually stunningly beautiful too.

They take time to explain, using clear language and manageable steps, how this desirable new product will make your life better. They don't focus on specs. Instead they tell a human story that anyone can understand. They tell you why it's better than the rest in terms that matter to real people. And remember the majority of people are not tech obsessed nerds with spec envy.

I don't mean for this to be a platform war. For the record, I use OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android devices every day. I consider them all great platforms for different reasons and consider myself open to the ideas and influences projected by each one.

Whether you prefer Apple or Android, I think you have to appreciate the great work Apple does with its promotional material.

Thinking about it, I do need a new phone...