Making Street Fighter 2

I remember when I first played Street Fighter 2. I was about eight years old, on a camping holiday in France. I was moping around the campsite arcade. A guy called over to me. He was French, and I had no idea what he was saying. He kept bowing his head and punching both his arms towards me. It turns out he was doing his best Dhalsim impression, asking me if I wanted to play against him. Of course, I accepted. What kid would turn down a free run on an arcade?

I'd never played Street Fighter before. I'd never really played any arcade games before. Maybe this French guy was bad - I beat him on my first go. I got to stay on for a few more rounds as other players joined in trying to take the lead back from me. I think I stayed on for three or four more before losing to a better man. 

I remember those few rounds being my first real exposure to a game like Street Fighter. It was so advanced. The graphics were incredible, the animations so smooth, and the sounds so immersive. I was completely blown away. It certainly opened my eyes to a whole new world of games than those I was used to.

When I heard that Polygon had put together 'an inside look at the creation and fallout of Capcom's industry-defining fighting game, as told by those who were there', I knew I had to take a look. It's a fascinating insight into how such a great game was created. It's a brilliant read for anyone with even a faint interest in gaming and it's a really useful exercise for anyone who creates things. Getting an inside view into how such brilliant products are made is a very rare thing, and there is so much to learn from it.

It's getting late. In the words of Guile, time for me to 'go home and be a family man'.

Henry BourneComment