Rise of the Drones

It's not quite flying cars, but it's probably the first tangible step towards 'the future' that's been promised by most Sci-Fi films. Someday soon, you'll be able to order small items from Amazon and have them delivered to your exact coordinates by an octopod drone within 30 minutes. Providing, of course, that you are within a 10 mile radius of a drone equipped delivery centre, or 'the drone zone'.

Why is this great? Not just because the very impatient amongst you can get your parcels even quicker than Prime, but if you're out for the day and forgotten to pack something important; don't worry, just order it from Amazon Prime Air and you'll have it with you in half an hour. No more discarded yoghurts because you forgot to pack a spoon...

This is the future. I'm excited!

Of course you'll also see the rise of tumblr accounts loaded with photos of amazon packages on rooftops or in rivers... Bugs, hey?


Henry BourneComment