Galaxy Note 3 'Small Screen Mode'

I'm a little late on this... However, this seems like an incredibly good way to make a confusing and unfocussed product...

One of the most important things I've learnt over the past few years, is that a successful product needs to focus on what it was designed to do and it should do it well. A good product shouldn't compromise what it was designed for in an attempt to make it fit somewhere it shouldn't.

I think this is my main issue with this reported 'tiny screen' mode in the Galaxy Note 3.

I don't understand why anyone would design and create a phone with a wonderfully huge screen, then shoehorn in a 'mode' to make that huge phone function as if it had a tiny screen.

I'm sure some will say that I'm missing the point and that this is designed to make this large phone incredibly usable with one hand. Personally, I believe that if you chose to buy a phone this large, for very good reasons, then you accept that it's not something that you should expect to use singlehandedly. It might be that some aspect of the phone can be made accessible to single handed users, but it's a pretty safe bet that pretty much all the apps for this phone will be designed with the spacious screen in mind. Single handed operation will quite rightly not be properly considered as it's not a focus of a device with a wonderfully giant screen. If someone does design an app targeted for a huge screen, with single handed operation in mind, then it appears that they have missed their target...

Anyway, here's the link where I discovered this. See what you think.

Henry BourneComment